Historical information

The National Bank of Australasia was formed in 1857. It began commercial operations in Queen Street, Melbourne in 1858. The Bank’s first branch in Kew opened at 87 High Street in 1885. A second building, on the corner of Walpole and Brougham Streets, designed by Inskip & Robertson, replaced the first branch in 1888. The second building remains, albeit in a somewhat altered state. In 1977, the President of the Kew Historical Society received two historic ‘Signature Books’ from the Kew branch of the National Bank of Australia.


Important and unique record of names, occupations, addresses and signatures of customers of the branch. A number of signatures belong to individuals of statewide significance. Other information such as customer occupations may be unique.

Physical description

Ledger containing information about customers of the National Bank of Australasia's Kew Branch for the years 1884-1894. The ledger (L8091) was purchased on 29/5/84 from Sands & McDougall, Manufacturing Stationers, 46&48 Collins Street West, Melbourne. The pages of the ledger have printed columns including: No. | Date | Name and Description (to be clearly written off by a member of the bank) | Signature | Initials of Bank Officer. As used, the pages are organised alphabetically by customer name. On each page, sequential numbering extends across the years 1884-1894. Additional pieces of advice from customers are clipped through the page over the customer's signature.

Inscriptions & markings

Inside front cover: Stationers label