Historical information

Henry Beater Christian (1886-1962) , was a descendant of one of the earliest settler families in Kew. Employed at the Kew Asylum as a 'public servant', he was a skilled amateur photographer, photographing numerous scenes in Kew and on his travels around Victoria. The majority of his photographs date from 1916 to 1929. His finest photographs are housed in two photograph albums.

Physical description

Digital copy of a photograph from page 6 of the 47-page photograph album containing 261 gelatinous silver images, loaned by Diane Washfold with permission given to digitise and hold a copy in our collection. This is a photograph id of the. Yarra River at Dight's Falls. The point of view is from the freshwater section of the river looking across to the cliffs on the Kew side of the river. Standing on the cliffs is a tiny figure of a man.

Inscriptions & markings

"Yarra Rvr / Kew"