Historical information

Information from Helen Laidlaw who is researching a history of an immigrant family from Lincolnshire. One of the nine children of this family was Mrs W.B. (Charlotte) Jones, who with her husband built “Brocklesby” in 1866. Mrs Jones was widowed in 1889, and sold the house in 1902. (She then moved to the white house next door to the Lauriston staff car park) The house was designed by Melbourne architect Lloyd Taylor, who also built Bond Stores for Mr. WB Jones. The Bond Stores are still standing. Ms. Laidlaw surmised that the children in the photos were probably Mrs Jones’ grandchildren, born from 1887.

Physical description

Lottie Macvean (daughter of W. Jones), and her children Maffra, Olive, Gertrude at Brocklesby, 1894.