Physical description

NIA E-55 Wamira

Folder CF3/03/1 Effect of flap on power off Cy Cn Ct
Folder CF3/03/3 Lateral Directional Static stability
Folder CF3/03/4 Aileron Asymmetric Gearing
Folder CF3/03/5 Estimate of rudder and sideslip
Folder ACF/03/1 Required to trim wings level
Folder CF3/D3/6 Aileron profile drag characteristics
Folder ACF/D3/7 Lateral directional control characteristics
Folder ACF/D3/8 Rudder and aileron sideslip gradients
Folder CF3/D4/1 lat/dir stability
Folder CF3/D4/2 lat/dir optimisation
Folder CF3/D4/3 lat/dir aerodynamic characteristics
Folder CF3/D4/4 lat/dir characteristics
Folder CF3/D4/5 PC7 turbo trainer handling qualities
Folder CF3/D4/6 lat/dir aerodynamic characteristics
Folder CF3/D4/8 roll performance
Folder ACF/D4/21 Aileron dynamic behaviour
Folder ACF/D4/20 lat/dir aerodynamic characteristics
Folder CF3/D4/10 Roll control force Vol 1
Folder CF3/D4/9 Roll performance Vols 2 and 3
Folder CF3/D4/12 Rudder hinge moment ratio
Folder CF3/D4/11 Roll control force Vols 2 and 3
Folder CF3/D4/13 Lat/Dir stability program validation
Folder CF3/D4/14 Lat/Dir handling qualities evaluation Vol 1
Folder ACF/D4/15 Lat/Dir Aerodynamic characteristics
Folder ACF/D4/16 Roll performance evaluation Vol 2
Folder ACF/D4/17 Lat/Dir Aerodynamic Characteristics Copy 1
Folder ACF/D4/17 Lat/Dir Aerodynamic Characteristics Copy 2
Folder ACF/D4/17 Lat/Dir Aerodynamic Characteristics Copy 3
Folder ACF/D4/22 Failure requirements – aileron, rudder and elevator trim tab runaways
Folder ACF/D4/24 Correlation of roll rate derivatives from rotary balance with estimates
Folder ACF/D4/28 Brief analysis of the effect of power and gamma on the spiral T2
Folder ACF/D4/27 Directional control characteristics of proposed extended rudder
Folder ACF/D4/25 Brief review of aileron stick forces