Historical information

Taken in the 1960s, depicted are approximately twenty-nine male and female spectators at a school swimming carnival on Lake Sambell near the caravan park.

Lake Sambell is a beautiful Victorian recreation lake and urban park with a unique history. It was created in the mid-1800s by the Rocky Mountain Mining company during the gold rush era and used as a mining site until the early 1900s, which brought Europeans into the area. It was turned into a reserve for residents in 1920 and is considered an icon of Beechworth as it represents the development of the community, human endeavour, and the spirit of the landscape.


This photograph represents the post-gold rush era use of Lake Sambell as a recreational reserve. Swimming carnivals were held at the lake and considered a social event for the Beechworth community.

Physical description

Black and white reproduced rectangular photograph print on paper.

Inscriptions & markings

Swimming pool 1960s/
near the caravan park/