Historical information

Information on the life of Legatee Frank Doolan from the memorial service held for him in 1988.
Legatee Doolan was a very active Legatee, starting within the first year of Legacy when he was nominated by Bill Laver and Charles Copp in 1924. While he never sought 'office but he was always there - in the background - able and willing to actively serve'.
In World War 1 he enlisted in November 1917 and served with 1st Division Signal Company and in France. After Armistice he attended a course for young AIF surveyors at the British Ordnance Headquarters at South Hampton. Famously it was Frank that proposed that the spirit of Legacy is service to the widows and children. "Here it received its soul. The thoughts transmitted to the Board by this quiet man."
He was part of the Legacy team who worked enthusiastically for the establishment of the Shrine. It was his technical skill as a surveyor that enabled the ray of light to shine on the Stone of Remembrance at 11 am on 11th November. Also to solve the complication of daylight saving by positioning two mirrors. For this he was awarded the British Empire Medal.
He was involved in the purchase of Legacy House in 1955 and also in the Lone Pine project in 1964. He was also established an archive at Legacy House to try and capture the history of Legacy.
In a final story the speaker mentions Frank acquired a race horse called Tamwil from the estate of a mate. It gave him great pleasure for years and poignantly died the day before Frank passed away.
The card sent as a thank you from the family includes hand written text to Wendy (Faulkner, staff member at Legacy) from Geoff Doolan, son of legatee Frank Doolan.
The information was part of an album of past presidents from 1965 to 1989. The folder included biographical details and obituaries, eulogies and death notices of prominent Legatees. The items have been catalogued separately.


Part of the collection of material held by Melbourne Legacy on Legatee Frank Doolan a prominent member of Legacy. The information was collected to record the lives of prominent legatees in a folder.

Physical description

Typed A4 document x 5 pages of the life of Legatee Frank Doolan.