Historical information

A photo from a newsletter from September 1953. The photo shows the East Brighton boys class.
Front row: Tony Minogue, Tim Eltham, Harold Butler, Bob Lancaster, Bruce Pickering, Albert Hancock, David Francis, Robert Scanlan, Robert Hill.
Second row: Tom Corrie, Neville Trevena, Tom Lancaster, Eric Scott, Legatees Mair, Carolan, Blackall, Holmes; Bob Gleeson, Bill Gleeson, Denis Hubbard, Robert Carnie.
Third row: Mr H Singleton (Instructor), Bruce Grigg, Allan Dennis, John Burge, Peter Harris, George Trinder, David Endean, Tom Cockram, Keith Stevens, Kev Gleeson, James Haysom, Mr B Robinson (Instructor).
Back row: Don Scott, Norman Corrie, Robert Haley, Noel Orr, Warwick Leeming, John Francis, Barry Wilkins, Ray McCarthy, Robert Olsen, Peter Luck.
Names mentioned in the article include boys newly enrolled: Geoffrey Bishop, Gregory Bishop, Trevor Busst, Harold Butler, John Burge, Daryl Bernaldo, Norman Corrie, Tom Corrie, Alan Dennis, Peter Eltham, John Francis, David Francis, James Haysom, Albert Hancock, Robert Haley, Peter Harris, Robert Hill, Warwick Leeming, Barry Mitchell, Ray McCarthy, Ian Nicholds, Laurie Nicholls, Geoffrey One, Noel Orr, Robert Olsen, Bruce Pickering, Frank Rose, Keith Stephens, Don Scott, Robert Scanlan, Stephen Westcott, Barry Wilkins, Robert Watson.
The article mentions that the photos of the boys classes were donated to Legacy by Mr John Beckett of Sandringham.
Individual photos being catalogued to record detail about each one.


The newsletter outlining news of Junior Legatee activities with mentions of boys by name.

Physical description

Black and white photo of the East Brighton boys class printed in a newsletter in September 1953.