Historical information

A photo from a newsletter from September 1953. The photo shows the Coburg boys class. The article mentions the class has 54 members and it the mothers' club has been provided their own club rooms.
The boys names are listed under the photo as: Back row: L Marchesi, D Hughes, K Crawford, R Smith, B Ramsay, N Blake, L Cleary, G Daldy.
Second back row: I Raines, D Smith, J Hughes, W McNaughton, D Gould, A McNaughton, P Griffin, B Blake, B Dyke.
Second front row: W Hancock, K Auchetterl, Legatee Breheny, Legatee Baglin, Mr J Roberts, Legatee Gourlay, Legatee Robertson, I Bell, B Wilson, R Hunt.
Front row: R McPherson, G Bell, R Campbell, S Wilson, J Ezard, I Gould, B Hughes.
The article mentions that the photos of the boys classes were donated to Legacy by Mr John Beckett of Sandringham.
Individual photos being catalogued to record detail about each one.


The newsletter outlining news of Junior Legatee activities with mentions of boys by name.

Physical description

Black and white photo of the Coburg boys class printed in a newsletter in September 1953.