Historical information

A photo from a newsletter from September 1953. The photo shows the Malvern boys class, which had approximately 40 members
Back row: Garry Burns, Merv Nelson, Ted Soutar, Peter Grenfell, Don McKneil, Frank Batty, Ross Moloney, Don McKean.
2nd row: John Kerlie, Ian Cameron, Dick Farnback, Norm Brown, John Farnbach, Ian Grainger, Graeme Pocknee, Frank Rutledge, Fred Strong,
3rd row: Graham Thorp, Norm Wright, Brian Scarlett, Ron Wilson, John Wright, George Brown, Alec Addison, George Thorpe, Harold Boyes.
4th row: Andrew Tonkin, Edward Pocknee, William L Brown, Max Hamilton, Ken Jacka, Don Walker, Cliff McAliece, John Brown, John Buckle.
Front row: Geoff Strogeon, Richard Bowman, Dick Payne, David Trigg, Ken Dean, John Clarke, William J Brown.
Other names mentioned in the article include new boys, Harold Boyes, Ken Dean, Frank Rutledge, Richard Bowman, Max Hamilton, David Trigg, Ian Brown, Cliff McAliece, Andrew Tonkin, John Buckle, Ian Newnham, Norm Wright, John Clark, Brian Payne, Don Walker.
The newsletter mentions that the photos of the boys classes were donated to Legacy by Mr John Beckett of Sandringham.
Individual photos being catalogued to record detail about each one.


The newsletter outlining news of Junior Legatee activities with mentions of boys by name.

Physical description

Black and white photo of the Malvern boys class printed in a newsletter in September 1953.