Historical information

The newsletter from August 1958. It featured former Junior Legatee John Woodley on the cover on a visit to Melbourne. The president's introduction covered Ghana and an article mentioned the 1956 Olympics medal tally. There was a piece about the winners of the Victoria Cross. Also what school to chose for children leaving primary school and scholarships. Also an article on job opportunities for boys in the Royal Australian Navy.
A newsletter published by Legacy in this format for many years from 1942. It mentions "Issued from time to time for Private Circulation among the Sons and Daughters of Deceased Service men and Merchant Seamen who served their Country during the War of 1914-18, or the present War"
Many articles on the work of Legacy, including features on boys classes, girls classes, camps, the residences and where their past residents ended up. There are some suggestion for careers and some general interest articles. Some very interesting photos.


Newsletter outlining news of Junior Legatee activities.

Physical description

Black and white printed newsletter x 10 pages from August 1958. Volume 11 Number 1