Historical information

A photocopy of 7 pages of Chapter 13 from Legatee Donovan Joynt's biography 'Breaking the road for the rest'. Legatee Donovan had received a VC in World War 1. Chapter 13 deals with Legatee Joynt's involvement with Legacy. It covers some of the early years of Legacy's history as he was present at the first luncheon. He mentions it was Mr PW Powell (Pip) that proposed the name Legacy - other accounts attribute the idea to Frank Selleck. It seems Legatee Powell suggested the idea but it was Legatee Selleck that proposed the formal motion and was documented in the minutes. Joynt mentions: "The speaker emphasised that the name Legacy was chosen because it the members of the new organisation had accepted as a legacy the responsibility of seeing that the ideals which their comrades had died fighting for were maintained in Australia."
On page 163 to 164 he relates the efforts Legacy had gone to for the Shrine of Remembrance to be built.


An account of the early days of Legacy in a biography of a well known Legatee.

Physical description

Black and white A4 photocopy x 5 pages of pages from Legatee Joynt's biography