Historical information

Photograph of a busy Swanston St taken from the Swanston St/ St Kilda Road overbridge at Flinders St Railway Station looking north. In the background is St Paul's Cathedral. Has W2 442 (East Coburg, Route 1), northbound, W2 586 and another W2 southbound. Note the crowded trams and people leaning on the drop bars that "closed" the tram off on the wrong or "off side" side and decorative "flower pots" in the street between Little Flinders and Collins St. Tram 442 later became the first Melbourne Restaurant tram.


Demonstrates a busy streetscape and Yields information about the use of the Flinders / Swanston St in the early 1930's.

Physical description

Black and White photograph of Swanston St looking north from Batman Ave 1931/32

Inscriptions & markings

Has the stamp of the "Abbotsford Photographics" on the rear and "1931/32" in ink