Historical information

The photograph shows the demolition or removal of cable tram track in Swanston St Melbourne. The reference notes that work commenced 27/12/1925 and that conversion was completed by 24/1/1926. Given the worksite it would be most likely late December 1925. Note the large unsilenced air compressor, the large crowd of on-lookers and that Swanston St northbound seems to remain open for traffic. In the background are the Royal Hotel Arcade entrance and the Melbourne Town Hall.

This photograph is Public Records Office photo H109 in the Victorian Railways collection. There are at least three similar photos in the PROV Collection.


Yields information about the extent of work need to quickly convert the Swanston Street cable tram track to electric trams in about a month.

Physical description

Photograph - Black and White of the demolition of the cable tram track in Swanston St near Bourke St 1925-1926