Historical information

The photograph shows the demolition or removal of the cable tram track at an un-identified location, showing the removal of the yokes and track where two cable lines crossed over each other. Shows the former cable tram yokes that supported the slot rails and some details of the cable tunnels and pits. The man in the bottom left could be cutting the yokes with an oxy-acetylene cutting torch. In the view are at the top of the photo some rails can be seen. There were a number of points where the cable tram crossed other electric or cable tram lines. Given the small work site and men involved the location could potentially be either Johnston Street and Smith Street or Johnston St and Nicholson Street.

The 1955 Annual Report notes that work commenced following the completion of the Queen's visit in March 1954 and that all work was done by day-labour.

Photographer is possibly Keith Kings.


Yields information about the extent of work need to convert the former Bourke St group of Cable tram lines to Electric trams, the people, the extent of the original construction and the methods used to undertake the work.

Physical description

Photograph - Black and White - demolishing cable tram trackwork where two cables crossed over each other, 1954/55.