Historical information

One of a series of photographs and documents donated by Jean Woollard relating to her father, Wilfred Charles Woollard, (and to herself). Wilfred Charles Woollard (1892-1971) was the grandson of William Woollard (1834-1923) and Charlotte Woollard, nee Lott (1828-1902), early settlers in Kew. Wilfred's father and mother were Walter Herbert Woollard (1856-19) and Rosa Anna Woollard, nee Morgan, (1859-1936). Wilfred Woollard's siblings were Walter James Woollard (1882- ), and Arthur Reginald Woollard (1888-1973).

Physical description

Black and white photographic positive of Wilfred Charles Woollard, sitting at a desk taking a phone call. Wilfred Woollard was trained as a draftsman and engineer and at one stage worked for the Australian Glass Manufacturing Company.