Historical information

Zilles Printers was begun by Lewis Zilles in the early 1930s. It was in McKenzie Street Ballarat. His son Jeffrey also became a printer - letterpress, offset and screen printer. The business became Zilles Printers/Graphics and was in Armstrong Street and later Bell Street Ballarat.

A form of sticker began in 1839 when Sir Rowland Hill invented adhesive paper. The first self-adhesive label was invented in 1935 by Stanton Avery - Avery Labels.
The sticker was used on the bats as advertisement.

Terry Davies was one of the top batsmen in Ballarat during the 1970s. He played from 1971-71 to 1982-83, a total of 151 games. He captained Ballarat in Melbourne Country Week as well as being Captain-Coach of the club.
Terry was named in the Northern Roosters Cricket Club Legends Team of the Century 1920-2000.

Physical description

Cream colour card backing a clear sticker with black print.

Inscriptions & markings

Name of bat and name of maker TD. - Emu Cricket Bats, handcrafted from finest Australian Fisher Willow. Terry Davies, Ballarat Victoria.