Historical information

Popularly known today as Z Special Unit, or by the wartime cover names of Inter-Allied Services Department (ISD) and Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD), Special Operations Australia (SOA) was the Special Operations component of the US-led Allied Intelligence Bureau in the Pacific Theatre during the Second World War. The first in a set of five, Volume 1 – Organization tells the story of the establishment, organisation and function of SOA from its earliest days as a direct offshoot of the British Special Operations Executive, until the organisation’s disbandment after a long, brutal and bloody conflict. Introduced by clandestine operations and espionage writer C.A. Brown, Volume 1 tells the story of the establishment of SOA and its fight for survival as a British-oriented Special Ops organisation under American command, while giving the Imperial Japanese invaders a bloody nose all the way from New Guinea to Indochina. Covering in detail the major personalities, departments, directorates, training and operational bases of SOA, Volume 1.

Physical description

Soft cover with 200 pages