Historical information

Black and white photocopies of articles and information about the first Blamey House owned by Legacy between 1947 and 1956. It includes articles about the opening in November 1949 with Sir Thomas Blamey in attendance. It shows the property was described as "a home, a huge rambling weatherboard house with a swimming pool, flood-lit tennis court, and four acres of beautifully kept lawns and gardens."
The title deed was handed over to Legacy by Sir Robert Knox, the chairman of trustees of Blamey House, Melbourne (the servicemen hostel that had been operating during the war).
Other pages show the property had been built in 1930 as a holiday home for Toorak business man Mr Arthur Jack and his wife Ms Langlands-Jack. It was sold to James Picken by 1941 and it was known as 'Mossgiel'. The Pickens remained owners until 1947 when it was purchased on behalf of Legacy with money donated by the Blamey House Trustees (the servicemen hostel that operated during the war) to be used as a toddlers and childrens' home. When Legacy no longer required the property it was sold to the Beaumaris RSL (or it's precursor RSSALIA) as its clubrooms. There was controversy in 2015 when it was sold to developers for housing.
The pages were copied from items held by Sandringham and District Historical Society in February 2022.


Records different facts about the property that was Blamey House Beaumaris that could be useful even though there are discrepancies with other known facts about Blamey House (the Hostel) trustees donation to Legacy.

Physical description

Black and white A4 photocopy x 20 pages of collected information about the property in Beaumaris before and after it was held by Legacy.