Physical description

Four Service Medals ( 1 full size and 3 miniature ).

Full size and miniature Australian Service Medal 1945-1975.

Miniature Australian Active Service Medal 1945- 1975 with Korea Clasp.

Miniature Australian Defence Medal.

Including 2 spare ribbons.

Inscriptions & markings

Obverse Crown of St. Edward over Commonwealth Coat of Arms above a spray of Golden Wattle. Reverse Federation Star and Golden Wattle inscribed VX96932 G.A Rule.
Ribbon with central gold stripe, 2 green stripes 2 silver grey stripes and light and dark blue outer stripes.

Obverse Crown of St. Edward over Federation Star surrounded by Australian Active Service Medal 1945 - 1975 - medal has Clasp with Korea as theatre of action. Reverse has wreath of Mimosa.
Ribbon has centre red stripe,2 grey stripes,2 light blue stripes with 2 purple outer stripes.

Obverse stylised Commonwealth Coat of Arms surrounded by Australian Defence Medal above a sprig of wattle. Reverse St. Edwards Crown over For Service surrounded by sprig of wattle.
Ribbon is red with black edges divided by two white stripes - three divisions for the three services.