Historical information

Arthur Henry Schutt. Born 18th July 1912 at Spotswood

He was the third child of John Ralph and Mary Jane Schutt. His grandfather was the first librarian of the Victorian Law Courts and his uncle, William Schutt, was a lawyer who later became the Chief Justice Sir William Schutt. His mother was born a Clutha House, stony Creek Yarraville, a was one of ten children.

John Schutt opened a chaff mill at the corner of Williamstown and Geelong Roads at West Footscray. The mill was placed on in an old quarry below the ground which saved much of the backbreaking labour of heaving sheaves of hay up into the machinery, the below ground location enable the hay to be fed directly into the railway trucks into the cutters. An elevator then carried the chaff up from the ground directly into the waiting transport, at a great saving in manpower.

The chaff mill became on of the largest in Victoria employing more than forty men, and later moved into flour milling.

Physical description

Schutt and Barrie Flour Mills, Melton South site. Opposite this Mill was a Public Weighbridge. A rail siding crossed Brooklyn road to
serve chaff mill. The rail line crossed west of the Methodist Church