Historical information

J.T Minns was president of the Shire Council from 1923-24
Isaac Robinson was president of the Shire Council from 1924-25.

The Robinson family lived in the area. The following is from 100 Years at Melton: Isaac and Henrietta Robinson.
Jeanette nee Rohner Robinson 1985. Creighton Melton.

The Robinsons of Wyndham

William Robinson married Ann Bee in 1952, Weardale, Durham England. They arrived in Australia on the ship “Ben Nevis” in 1852. They settled in Wyndham in 1855 and began dairying and haygrowing. They bought 50 acres and rented 300 acres until buying 300 acres in 1872 – Mt Pleasant Farm. Their children were sent to school even though Ann had been a school teacher in England. The older boys had to travel 5 ½ miles to Mt Cotterell school before one was built at Tarneit, a mile from their home.

The children of William and Ann:

George, Thomas, William, Isaac, Mary Ann, Mary Ann , John and Thomas.

Thomas moved to Melton aged 19. When Ann died in 1898 Mt Pleasant farm was let then sold about 1920.

In 1872 William Snr bought more land in Melton. William, Isaac and George worked on the land until 1887 when George and Isaac bought more land in Melton Creighton. Thomas and John also bought adjoining land.

Physical description

Outside Shire Offices, High Street