Historical information

HONOR BOARD Melton State School No 430
Supreme Sacrifice
• BARRET, P Peter Maurice Barrett
Number 5051
Rank: Private Unit: Private
Date of death 18th August 1918 of wounds age 21
St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, France
Started school August 1904 5 years 10 months Previous school St Michaels Nth Melb
Son of Maurice Barrett labourer Melton
Brother of John Barrett
• BLACK, William William M
Number 2758
Rank: Trooper 3rd Battalion Imperial Camel Corps
Date of death 30th November 1917 of wounds aged 20 years
Cairo War Memorial Cemetery Egypt
Started school September 1907 aged 10 Previous school Boisdale 3017
Son of George, farmer Melton Railway Station (Melton South)
Year of 1918
• LANG, Horace Thomas
Number 903
Rank: Corporal Unit: 24th Battalion
Date of death: 5th May 1917. Court if enquiry confirmed Dec 1917. Aged 24
Date of birth 27th April 1893 Spring Hill – Kyneton
Commemorated Villers-Bretonneux France
Started school November 1997.
Father: Thomas Lang Teacher Melton 430
Brother of Thomas Lang died 18th July 1918 buried Cairo
• LANG, R William Roy
Number 2818
Rank: Driver Unit: 1st Australian Light Horse Machine Gen Squadron
Date of death 31st October 1917 of wounds
Beersheba War Cemetery Israel
Started school October 1899 Aged 9 Previous school Camperdown SS 114
Date of Birth: 24th Jan 1890
Son of William John and Mary Lang of Langlands Jandowae Queensland
Nephew of Thomas Lang Melton
• LANG, Thomas John Thomas NZ CC M
Number 15/118
Rank: Lieutenant Unit: Army Pay Department
Date of death 18th July 1918 of disease
Cairo War Memorial Cemetery
Started school November 1896 aged 16 years - Previous school Coliban 1920
Son of Thomas Lang, teacher Melton No 430
• McPHERSON Jas Mrs M: James Sept 1897 Previous Graham St Port Melb
Son of Alexander farmer Melton
• MISSEN, A P Frederick M
Started school August 1899 age 7 years
Son of Frederick, fruiterer Melton
His sister Adelaide May 11years Previous Ascot Vale 2608
• NORTON, Lewis Thomas CC M
Number 1809
Rank: Private Unit: 29th Battalion (Infantry)
Date of death 30th September 1918
Cemetery Bellicourt British Cemetery, France
Started school March 1901 age 9 years Previous school Galaquil
Son of Thomas Norton of Parwan
• O’CALLAGHAN, EJ Edward Edward M
• O’CALLAGHAN, HT Thomas .. M
Number 3859
Rank: Private Unit: 57th Battalion (Infanrty)
Date of death 26th September 1917
Bedford House Cemetery, Belgium
Started school 11th March 1901 Aged 10 years
Father: John O’Callaghan farmer of Melton
• PRATT, R H Robert Henry
Number: 2203
Rank: Private Unit: 46th Battalion (Infantry)
Date of death, 12th April 1917
Favreuil British Cemetery, France
Started school in May 1903 aged 6 years
Father: Matthew Pratt, Labourer Melton
• RYAN J James or John David: RYAN J ?
Started August 1896 Previous Christian Brother St Kilda
John 11-5
James 9-11
Charles 6-11 returned from WW1
Frank 8-5 returned
Father Daniel Publican
• WHITESIDE, John Edward M
Number 2182
Rank: Trooper Unit 13th Light Horse
Date of death 4th September 1918 of illness aged 29 years
Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt
Started school July 1897 age 8
Son of Edward Whiteside Labourer Melton
Brother of Edward.
Number: 3995
Rank: Private Unit: 22nd Battlion
Date of death, 28th July 1916, died of wounds aged 21 years
Puchevillers British Cemetery, France
Started school in 1901 Year of birth circa 1895
Brother Edward died 4th September 1918
Father: Edward Whiteside. Labourer
Year of 1917
• BARRETT, J John Maurice
• BLACK, Harold David
• BLACKWOOD, Maxwell James A
• CAMERON David or (Donald) William M
• CAREW, Edward Edward M
• COLLINS, H John Henry H Thomas CC M
• CANTLON, A Alfred CC
• CHALMER, Frank Ernest CC M
• COBURN, A Frederick CC M
• DODEMAIDE, Frank William
• DODEMAIDE, Thomas ..
• DODEMAIDE, W J William John M
• KEATING, WD William Edward M
• KINNERSLY James Edward CC
• KINNERSLY Norman Chas Edward CC
• LANG Norman William
• McCOLL R Alex R J. McColl
• MOULSDALE Charles William M
• McNULTY, Frederick James CC
• McPHERSON J which one?
• NEAL, Elvine J Neal M
• NEAL, Frank John M
• NEAL, John William John M (husband of Isabella)
• O’CALLAGHAN, Stephen Edward M
• PRATT, David T Matthew CC M
• QUINANE, David Peter
• QUINANE, Peter ..
• RIDDELL, William M
• RYAN, Charles Daniel
• RYAN Frank ..
• SKINNER, Stanley John S’John CC M
• SPRING, James George
• TYLER, George George
• WATSON, Albert Ernest Alexander M
• WADE, Howard James
• WADE, Walter .. might be connected with CC
• WILLIAMS, Percy Mr Williams
• WICKHAM, George George M
• WILSON, Stanley [ Alfred and Maude] M
• WILSON, Gordon .. M

Physical description

SUPREME SACRIFICE Roll of Honor Melton State School No 430 Years of 1916,1917 and 1918