Historical information

Born on the 22nd October 1852 or 1849 St Ives Cornwall, in 1896 Thomas and Mary Elizabeth moved to Melton. Mr Lang’s previous school was Coliban SS No 1920. Mr Lang was the Head Teacher at Melton until 1917. In 1910 he was a Committee Member Melton Mechanics Institute and Public Library atits establishment. He was a Life Member of the Melton Mechanics Institute

In 1875, he married Mary Elizabeth Coates on the 30th December at the home of Mrs Coates, Thomas Lang of Norton’s Creek aged 26 andMary Elizabeth aged 24 of Armstrongs. They had 9 children, Thomas.J. Lang, George William, Jessie, Maude, Effie, Walter,
Horace, Eva and James.

Passed away in 1927.

Physical description

Black and white photo of Lang