Historical information

An example of badges issued by Legacy for fundraising during the Legacy Appeal and Badge Week. The donation value is $5. Rosemary is one of the Legacy symbols. Text on the card explains: Rosemary is an ancient symbol of remembrance and has particular significance for Australians as it grows wild on the slopes of Gallipoli. The ancients believed it strengthened the memory and on this account it became an emblem of mateship and a symbol of remembrance. It is worn on or around Anzac Day to honour the memory of the fallen and those who have served.
It is in the collection to show the modern merchandise available in Badge Week and all year via the website.
The card makes a tax deductible receipt.


Example of Legacy badges that were sold to raise money for Legacy's work.

Physical description

Legacy Appeal badge with rosemary on a white background with the words 'Lest we forget'. It is made of silver coloured metal with coloured enamel. It is on a white card with blue printing showing it's value. Badge has post and a butterfly clutch.