Historical information

Tickets were produced to enable first-class travel from Middle Brighton Railways station to Sandringham and then by Electric Tramway from Sandringham Railway Station to the corner of Bluff Road and Royal Ave. The ticket colours indicated to station staff, Inspectors, and conductors the nature of the ticket and its availability These tickets were purchased by the donor in 1970 long after the tramway had closed and travel classes were abolished on the suburban railways. They were available for use on the replacement bus service.


Yields information about the type of ticket that was issued to enable rail/tram travel on the Victorian Railways and their tramways.

Physical description

Set of two Edmondson style card or pasteboard Victorian Railways return tickets for travel between Middle Brighton and Bluff Road and Royal Ave. Both date stamped 15 June 1970.
.1 - Adult - 1st class - No. 1365
.2 - Child - 1st class - No. 00143

Inscriptions & markings

Both date stamped on rear "!5 June 1970"