Historical information

Photos - 3-3-1968, of:
.1 - Ballarat bogie tram 34 at Victoria St, before destination reset
.2 - Tram No. 11 at the Sebastopol terminus, Albert St. Has a Twin Lakes advert.
.3 - Tram No. 11 at the Lydiard St terminus, with a person and a crew member looking at the Twin Lakes sign. Tram has a roof advertisement for Briquettes.
.4 - Ballarat No. 20, inbound to Lydiard St passing through the Skipton St crossing loop.


Yields information about the operation of the Ballarat tramway system that was operated by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.

Physical description

Set of four black and white negatives of Ballarat Tramways, 120 size.