Historical information

Photos 20-4-1968, of:
.1 - Tram 27 crossing Albert St on its way to Sebastopol.
.2 - Trams 27 and 33 at Sebastopol terminus. Tram 27 has a briquette advertisement.
.3 - Reversing the pole of tram 27 at the Mt Pleasant terminus.
.4 - Trams 27 and 28 cross at the Grey St loop on the Sebastopol line.
.5 - Tram 20 at the intersection of Sturt and Lyons Streets.
.6 - Tram 13 at the Grey St loop.
.7 - Trams 27 and 13? at the Lydiard St terminus.
.8 - Tram 31 westbound in Sturt Street at Dawson St with the Golden City Hotel in the background. The trackwork for the Dawson St crossover is in the view. Tram has the sign for Twin Lakes.


Yields information about the operation of the Ballarat tramway system that was operated by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.

Physical description

Set of eight black and white negatives of Ballarat Tramways, 120 size.