Historical information

Set of five generic Metcards with the Metcard logo and transport Mode icons. Has the contact details and the Metlink logo on the front of the ticket. Items 1 to 4 have a statement promoting the use of Metcards and printed in blue face colour
1 - 2 hour concession - used 2-7-10
2 - first copy no details, 2nd copy 2-hour concession - 2-8-10
3 - unused
4 - 2 x 2 hour concession - used 7-2009 and 9-9-2010
5 - 2 x Value Metcard, printed with a purple face, barcodes on rear - used 10-08 to 12-08 and 2nd copy 4-12-08 to 2-2-09


Demonstrates one of many different types of Metcards issued during the period of used in Melbourne from 1996 to 2013

Physical description

Set of five generic Metcard tickets - printed on light card with a magnetic stripe. Has the ticket number and contact details, Metcard and Metlink logo on the front of the card.