Historical information

Cohen Trophy for Champion Battalion 2nd Infantry Senior Cadets

Physical description

Cohen Trophy
for Champion Battn
2nd INF Brigade
Donated by Col H.E Cohen C.M.G D.S.D V.D

Trophy is large in size and the cup (bowl) section is very large and noticeable. The trophy has both handles which are square arched shape.

Inscriptions & markings

6x badges on trophy stand

1st Badge - 1926 - 27:
- Won By the 59h Battn Senior Cadets

2nd Badge - 1927 - 28
- Won by the 14th Battn Senior Cadets

3rd Badge - 1928 - 29
- Won by the 14th Battn Senior Cadets

4th Badge - 1929 - 30
- Won by the 59th Battn Senior Cadets

5th Badge - 1930 - 31
- Won by the 32th Battn Senior Cadets

6th Badge:
- Scratched/ illegible to read