Historical information

A book of photos that records the activities of the disabled dependents group during 2014. It is mostly photos without captions but the enjoyment of the participants is clear.
The introduction says: In January 2014, 45 dependents enjoyed 8 days together at Somers Camp , with a team of generous volunteers. In July 2014 a group of 21 visited far North Queensland . . . We are grateful for the high quality input to these events by our staff and volunteers. The dedication and personal commitment of these energetic young people gives the events great vitality to the clear benefit of our Junior Legatees.
Melbourne Legacy's support of our Dependents with Disability is a most important part of the work of Legacy. Our widows are reassured in the knowledge that their children will have support throughout their lives from a caring organisation."
Most junior legatees are helped until they reach 18 years of age. However, the group of disabled dependents are helped for their whole life. Which gives peace of mind to the family that Legacy will always be there to care.


Legacy have pledged to look after the disabled dependents for their entire life

Physical description

Colour book x 80 pages of photos from disabled dependent activities in 2014.