Historical information

A newspaper cutting from 1934 showing the crowd at the opening ceremony of the Shrine of Remembrance. The Shrine was officially opened by the Duke of Gloucester.
The caption says 'Marshalled at the Shrine in hundreds of thousands, troops of all arms and services returned soldiers of Australian, British and Dominion units, and a countless mass of citizens, yesterday witnessed the ceremony of dedication performed by the Duke of Gloucester. This aerial view of the vast crows was taken as the Duke and his escort arrived at the southern steps.


Early legatees fought hard to have the Shrine of Remembrance accepted as the preferred form of commemoration of the first World War. Early legatees would have been at this ceremony and kept this clipping as a memento.

Physical description

Double page spread in The Sun News-pictorial newspaper on 12 November 1934 after the opening of the Shrine.