Historical information

Photograph of one of the three Victorian Railways "Luxury" cars that were sold to the MMTB following the closure of the final section of the St Kilda - Brighton tramway on 28-2-1959.
The tramcar has been placed on No. 15 trucks to enable movement around the workshops. Two of the trams, No. 52 and 53 were modified with longer running boards, full driver's bulkheads to replace the blackout blinds, route number boxes, removal of the red oil lamps above the headlight, conversion to from Broad gauge (5'3") to standard gauge, changes to destination boxes, seating and many other changes. Reference Destination City, Edition 5, page 103.


Yields information about the former VR "Luxury" trams sold to the MMTB in 1959.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of one of the three Victorian Railways Trams sold to the MMTB at Preston Workshops.