Historical information

The National Wool Museum accepted a donation from Brian Licence in 2022 of several mementoes relating to his career in the wool industry. Brian studied Wool Classing and worked for a decade in this profession before moving to Melbourne which required him to change careers.

This Wool Classers’ Handbook was given to Brian in 1966 as part of his membership to the Woolclassers’ Association of Australia. Brian was a member of the Woolclassers’ Association from 1962-72. The Woolclassers' Association of Australia was a trade union representing Woolclassers. It amalgamated with the Australian Workers Union in 2009. The Association had 1200 members in 1997.

Physical description

The Australian Woolclassers' Handbook 1966-1967 begins with an orange cover. It has “The Australian Woolclassers’ Handbook” written at the top centre of the cover in green text. Internally, the book is typed and contains information which is of use for Woolclassers and their rights and responsibilities within the association. A selection of pages have been scanned to give an impression of the information within the booklet. The book is a 44-pages long.

Inscriptions & markings

Printed, green text. Top of cover.
“THE /

Printed, black text. Bottom right corner of cover

Printed, green text. Bottom left corner of cover.

Printed, green ink. Bottom right corner of cover.
Picture of Ram’s head