Historical information

Book review from The Courier, titled "Tram ride to success", reviewing a book "The Promise of Gold and its results" written by David Griffiths. Looks at the life and work of John Garibaldi Roberts a supporter of the Arts and Chief Accountant of the Melbourne Tramway and Omnibus Co (MTOCo) and later the manager of the cable tram system for the MMTB. He retired in 1923. Has photos of the family, John at his work desk in 1910 and the directors of the MTOCo. Item written by Caleb Cluff of The Courier.

One of Roberts guests was C J Dennis, who wrote Songs of the Sentimental bloke" while staying at Roberts place in the Dandenongs which had been formed from disused horse buses.


Yields information about J G Roberts, a support of the Arts and a senior tramway manager.

Physical description

Newspaper cutting from The Courier, Ballarat, 24/4/2021 titled Book review "Tram ride to success" and photo provided of C J Dennis inside one of the horse buses on Robert's Dandenong "Sunnyside" property.