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MELTON’S STREETS Heritage Week 2014 What’s in a Name?

Alphabetical List

Aboriginal place names, Early Family Names and landowners, Agricultural, Shop and Commercial premises, Places and Events

Melton & District Historical Society Street Naming Project 1972 – c 1998

Suburb Name – KURUNJANG - Kirkton, 1972, Brookfield, West, 1988 Melton and Town Centre - A joint collaboration with the Shire of Melton and Subdivision Developers

ARNOLD Court – Family house - Arnolds Creek

ALKEMADE Drive Family – Lime kilns Coimadia

ALEXANDRA Street 1902 – Corination of King Edward VII and Queen


AVIATOR Place Event, location of plane crash – Jimmy Melrose 1936

Adina ?Annibee - Anniba? Agricultural

Avon court .. ..

BAKERY Square - Location of Jongebloed shop, bakehouse and stables

BALUK Place Aboriginal

BARLEYCORN Place Agricultural

BILLING Place Name of Jimmy Melrose Uncle Noel Pemberton Billing

BLACKWOOD Drive - Alexander Blackwood 1860c Registrar

BARRIES Road C. E. Barrie “Darlingsford” farmer 1911, chaff mill owner

BROOKLYN Road Staughton family residence. 1875 – Dismantled c 193?

CAHILL Drive Family - Glenville Dairy

CAMERON Court Family

Canopus Place ?

CANALLAN Drive Early Surveyor

CAMPBELL Court Aviation – Melrose passenger 6th July 1936

CARBERRY Drive Michael, early landowner family

CAREW Court Edward and Michael. Royal Hotel. Vera (Carew) Forran

Singer - Opera

CASEY Court Family

CASHIN Court Family

CHEVIOT Court Agriculture, breed of sheep

CHESNEY Road was re named ( Minns Road being duplicated c 1973)

CHRISTINA Crescent Christina McPherson, daughter of James and Mary

Mary McPherson. Died 1955 aged 85 years

COLLYER Close a deleted street (parallel to Yuille) re-used

CORRIEDALE Road Breed of sheep

CORR Court Teacher at first school, landowner

CROXTON Court Name of the Hornbuckle and Knox family home

DALEY Court - William Daley and family 1865 Bootmaker High Street

DARLINGSFORD Boulevard - Name of early homestead Thomas B Darling 1853

DJERRIWARRH Court - Parish County of Bourke - very early map.

DODEMAIDE Place Early land owners - Melton Football Team had 6 brothers

playing c 1924

DONALD Court McPherson family 6 generations in Melton in 1936


DUNCAN Court .. ..

DUNVEGAN Circuit Home of the McPherson family, castle Isle of Skye

Name of bluestone house Smith Street (now at Willows)

EMIL Court Jongebloed family

EXELL Avenue Farming family Melton Sth- Closer Settlement 1907

EXFORD Road Exe former name of the Werribee river

FARMER Court Name of early postmistress

FERRIS Road John Ferris Farmer

HANNAH Close First name of Hannah Watts – midwife

HAYBALE Place Agricultural

HELDER Court Early surveyor J Helder Wedge map

HEWSON Street Winston Hewson Shire Engineer – check title c 1960

HENRY Street Township map c 1860

HESTON Street Heston Phoenix – C.J. Melrose plane

HILDEGARDE Court Jimmy Melrose’s mothers name


HORNBUCKLE Cres Farmers. Three members of family - Shire Presidents

HURLEY Street Farmers

IAIN Court Descendent of James and Mary McPherson

JAMES MELROSE Drive Name appears on 2013 Melton information map

JANG Place KURUN – jang

KIRKTON Drive Name of the McPherson family home Toolern Vale Road

KIRWIN Street Michael early landowners (deleted for freeway construction)

KILPATRICKS Road Deleted when Barries Road was extended across Station Rd

KOROROIT Court Early map, Parish of Kororoit. Creek name

KNOX Circuit Family – Hornbuckle “Croxton Park”

KURRUNJANG Drive Aboriginal name for people of the red earth – Suburb name

Lara Place ?

LLOYD Court Garage owners High Street. Laura lived to 100 years D 1955

LUBY Court John Luby – Crown Grant Land Title


MANNING Avenue Richard, hotel owner 1891

MARGARET Drive McPherson family

McDONALD Street Melton South family name

McKENZIE Street Township c1860

MORROW Street Early name

MOWBRAY Crescent Name of English Melton, popularly believed origin of Melton

MYERS Court Early setters c 1866 Crown Grant Land Title

NIMMO Street Early name

NIXON Street Name submitted by Mary nee Nixon Collins c1985

OLDERSHAW Road Early builder

PALMERSTON Street Early township map c 1860

PEART Court Early name

PENNYROYAL Avenue Plant growing by the creek. Early name used for the

Toolern Toolam Creek

PINKERTON Street Family name and early street map

PINNACLE Crescent Agricultural - type of wheat

PHOENIX Circuit C.J. Melrose Phoenix Heston Plane 2013 map

PRATT Family


PYKE Place Brothers – early settlement 1838

RADFORD Court Land owners and business operators. Former Royal Hotel

Grocer High Street demolished 1970

RAGLAN Court Hotel 19th century Lord Raglan

RALEIGHS Road Oliver Reierson family (Norweigen) Shopkeeper –


RIDDELL Drive (misspelt Riddle) Resident and land owner

RODERICK Road McPherson family – a re occurring name

ROLLAND Court Jones family

ROSS Court Daniel. Landowner. Agnes Ross music teacher

RUSSELL Court Robert. Early land surveyor of Melton 1853

RYAN Court Family early landowner. Member of the 1862 Road Board

SHEBLER Place Augustus early Melton resident – Golden Fleece Hotel

SHEEPFOLD Court Farming

SHERWIN Court Sherwin Street earliest Township map– became Golf course

SMITH Street Early township map.

STRATHULLOH Circuit Strathtulloh Homestead.

STAUGHTON Street Family – LARGE land owners
Strachan ?

SWANEY Court Marie Swaney earlier resident of Strathtulloh.

SUTHERLAND Family name


TULLIDGE St Road marked on 1861 map

UNITT Street Early Township c 1860

WALLACE Square Cr Jack Wallace 5 terms as President 46 years unopposed

WATTS Court Hannah Watts – midwife, cottage hospital

WALSINGHAM Name of house of Minns family. From Walsingham

Norfolk England

WESTLEY Place Name of Jimmy Melrose Percival Gull Plane

WESTLAKE Drive Early resident

WHICKHAM Street Family Name Melton South

WILSON Road Albert, Melton South

YUILLE Street William Cross, early landowner, Rockbank run

Physical description

Zoomed in section of Melton Streets including Church and High Street