Historical information

Photo 1 - looking north from the point where St Kilda Road widened after crossing Princes Bridge. Has the Edmund Fitzgibbon monument on the left. One cable tram set is making its way into the City. Has Flinders St Station in the background, along with a number of motor cars and one horse drawn vehicle behind the monument and another behind a sign. In the far distance is an advertisement for The Herald newspaper. Photo 1910c

Photo 2 - looking south from near the end of the bridge, with seven cable cars in the view, along with motors cars and two horse drawn vehicles. Government House can be seen on the left horizon.


Yields information about St Kilda Road c1910.

Physical description

Set of two black and white photographs of"
.1 - St Kilda Road near City Road looking north - with Edmund FitzGibbon monument
.2 - looking south