Historical information

Rifle competitions were popular activities for men in the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. The Kew MUIOOF was based in Union Street, Kew and as a friendly society competed in competitions locally and in neighbouring municipalities.

Physical description

Monochrome print positive mounted on card. The photo shows the Kew MUIOOF rifle team which won the Kennon Challenge Shield in 1925. In the studio portrait, taken by Glen Studio (Glenferrie), the five team members are posed, two in front with rifles with the Kennon Challenge Shield positioned at front centre.

Inscriptions & markings

"Hawthorn District Friendly Societies Competition / Kew MUIOOF Rifle Team, Winners of Lennon Challenge Shield, 1925. Score 2182 / FT James PG; PG Gallop PG / JG Harle PG; Bro EA Harrison / WR Harle PG / Glen Studio, Carnegie"