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Electricity – 1939 eeb Express Dec 9th


Electric Light Petition

First combined (schools) sports meeting, Melton south, Rockbank, Mt Cotterell, Toolern Vale, Sydenham West, Melton Park, Exford. Jack Wallace Starter, G Wilson (ref) G McDonald, F Ryan judges. A G Macdonald Gate Keeper, A Bamford, E W Barrie, S Rogers Announcers.

M P A call meeting for 24th March

Two or three progressive residence of Melton township are still pushing quietly for a water scheme for Melton and extension of electricity service expected to be provided for the beam wireless station a Rockbank. One of these has gone so far as to seek opinion of an independent engineer regarding the possibility of township water supply.

May 1 1937

A move to combine in Melton Shire Council to convene a public meeting to agitiate for extension of the Electric Supply to Melton is being undertaken by the Progress Association and the Hall Committee.

Melton Progress Association and Melton Mechanics Institute Committee joined in a decision to request Melton Shire Council to call a Public Meeting to push for extension of Yallourn electricity to Rockbank and Melton June 12th

July 3rd Residents of Melton and Rockbank have an opportunity to reveal attitude towards proposed extension a result of MSC in convincing a public meeting MMI support from Amalgamated Wireless A/Asia Ltd directors Mr Townsing to preside which had been convened by MPAssoc and MMI nicely timed as SEC estimates for ensuing year known to be in course of preperation.

Saturday 17th July 1937

Melton Move for Electricity. Meeting shows ….. extensive article …. meetin appointed Messrs Butler and Barrie canvass the town

Dec 9th 1939

Mechanics Institute floor to be prepared next week

Physical description

Electricity installed in Melton, article featured in the Melton Express