Historical information

"Donald Mackintosh was born in Rockbank on 21 September 1866. He quickly proved himself as an expert shot, joining the Bacchus Marsh Shooting Club at the age of ten and the Melbourne Gun Club at 23. In 1890 he won the Melbourne Gun Club £1000 Cup Handicap. Donald represented Australia at the 1900 Paris Olympic Games. However, due to confusion at the time over whether this competition was an official Olympic event, Donald was not recognised as an Olympic medallist during his lifetime. In 1987 the IOC issued Donald’s gold and bronze medals. Donald continued to travel around Europe and won many other competitions, including the London Gun Club Challenge Cup three times in a row and the Grand Prix at Monte Carlo twice. As well as being an expert shot, Donald was also well educated and wrote poetry. Most astonishingly, he was also completely blind in his left eye".

Physical description

Melton Bacchus Marsh Express article about Olympian Donald Mackintosh