Historical information


Born 20th February 1877 at Melton

Married Martha Mary Watson 30th April 1908 at the Manse 101 Gore Street Fitzroy according to the rites of the church (Cong) – Congregational.

Died Bacchus Marsh and District War Memorial Hospital 30th April 1963

Frederick lived in Melton all his life.

Work Notebooks/ diary 1901 – 1905 No 1


Shearing Tally Rockbank, 1901, 1902. Lists 3 Combs 6.0, 12 Cutters 5.0, Tab 1.6

Jongebloed account – Tobacco, matches sardines.

Shearing shed 1904 Tuppal 20 Aug. Daily Tally of sheep shorn Total 1730

E C Shopping list - 6 pages of household items, Leader, Age and Weekly Times

Tomato Sauce- recipe written in ink

Toolern Road Hours worked 35 ½

Reverse order from back cover –

Harwood 29th Aug 1902 Shearing Tally 1083

November 1902 - List of dates Mon- Sat. Nov 3rd - Fri Dec 5th E Chalmer. Tally of hours worked. Jan 1903 Thur 1st - 31st Toohey Keilor Road, Feb – March 14th Payment L75:4:9

J Walker

April 1903 – 23rd

18 Cutters 7:6

5 Combs 10:0

2 Tab 3:0

Ticket 15:0 Total 1:15:6 Tucker 3:12:6

Other pages are calculations related to hours worked and amounts

The notebook contains 26 pages with some blank and other torn out.

It measures 2 ½ x 4 inches with a hard black cover.


Workbook/ Diary No 2

Opening 5 pages – Gottfried Jongebloed account - paid 2/11/04

List of grocery and household items.

E Chalmer -Pr Boots, 8:9 Tab 1:8 Leader 3’

Reverse order

Eynesbury 7th Oct 1904 Shearing Tally 1635 Tucker payment L1:18:6

Tuppal 20th Aug 1904 Tally 1636 [ 4 weeks and 4 days]

Feb 1905 Melton 1st – 13, Toolern Rd 14th , April Braybrook Rd. Melton town, G Hobbs Boundary Rd, Melton May

G Hobbs 2 pages of food expenses and amount paid

Simpson & Co – Butcher account and amount paid

Mon 5th –July 22nd Toohey days and hour worked 34 yards

Tuppal 20th Aug additional list 1735

Eynesbury 3rd Oct additional list 2093

Diagram 3 drawings in ink –a type of tool

Nov 21 1904 List

Dunmore Stn Orford Vic

Barwidgee Stn Caramut Vic

Wharparanna Stn via Tocumural N.S.W.

Puckawidgee vis Aug Deniliquin N.S.W.

Bundure Stn via Aug Jerilderie

Trawalla Ballarat Oct

Woorywooryte Oct Vic

Yancannia Bourke July

Pretty Tower Stn Beaufort November

Size of Notebook 2 ¼ x 5 inches.

WORK NOTEBOOK 1909, 1910

Wandook 17th Aug 1909. 21 days of shearing 1248 Total. Payment L14 ??

Boomanoomana 23 Sept 1909. 17 days shearing 1124 Total. L13.12.9

Eynesbury 20th Oct 1909. 17 days shearing 1587 Total L17. 13.0

Cobran Aug 13 1910 Studs Rams Total 3397

List of expenses includes 12 cutters, 3 combs, Union ticket, matches, tobacco stamps.

Miller, J Egan.

Eynesbury Oct 1910 Total 1467

Lal Lal Nov 21 Total 1172

For Backache

Tincture of Gentian Compound one ounce

Syrup of Rhubarb one ounce

Liquid Barkola Compound one ounce

Syrup of Ginger five ounce

Dose a teaspoonful after each meal and one at bedtime

John Collins, Woodside Via Yarram Yarram

Mr Fisken Lal Lal Via Yendon

Woodlawn Deniliquin 15th October

Oct 12th 1911 Eucla Jarrett Barfold 21,000 7? Shearers

Clark Moir Estate 10th Aug

1910-1911 Income amounts

Shearing income.

Mc Donald – thrasher



Cobran 1911 Studs and Rams 1793

Cobran 14th Aug per man 1500

Golf Hill 26th Sept per man 1900

Cobran 14th Aug Cut out 23rd Sept 2368 payment L21..19..4 [after expenses]

Spring Plains Oct 2nd 1022 Total

Barfold 2636 Total

Chaffcutting J.B. Loft Feb 17th - 31 ½ hours

John Minns

Toohey Started Deep Creek

Whelahan Ballarat Rd May 25th

Mr J Walker Koohnamu Stn via Junta S.A.

N Aitken Bringlibit via Kyneton

Income list 1911 to 1912 and amounts earned

Cobran L29..0..9 , Spring Plains Barfold L42..6..3, John Minns L4..8..0,

J.B. Loft L3..0..6, D Whelahan L22.. 6..0, E Toohey L15.. 1..0, = total L123..2..6

John Minns 12..0, JB Loft 4.. D Whelahan L10..2..0, Barrie L11..5.

Total Amount L145..5..6.

Cobran 1912 15th Aug 1922 total Rams double.

Expenses include 12 + 6 Cutters, 2+2+2 Combs, Political fund, Ticket, Mess Account, Hut Keeper, Hospital, Cook Total L11..8..3.

Station Rd - L11..2..9.

Golf Hill Sept 26 Cut out 31 Oct Total 2332

Lal Lal Nov 6th 19th 1912 6 days Total 1066

Contracts – Cameron, Barrie, McKay, Toohey, Stn Rd ?

Cobran 1913 – Aug 14- 1913 Total 1621

Cobran 1621

Kyneton Park 515

Golf Hill 2144

Lal Lal 1066 Total 5,346

1913 – 1914 Income

5, 350 sheep

Local contracts E. Barrie, Greig, Weir, S Barrie, Jongebloed, Burton, E Toohey,

Total L133..3..0.

Trench & Moran L19..8..0.

End of front section of Notebook

Physical description

Work notebooks belonging to Frederick Myers