Historical information

A slide image of the old Legacy House in Market Street from 1957. It shows children and people gathered to go on an outing to the sea known for many years as Operation Float.
Legacy rented the Market St premises for many years. A small 'Legacy House' sign can just be seen between the bus and the sign post. It was part of the Western Market complex that was demolished and redeveloped in the early 1960s. Legacy held meeting and the girls classes on the second floor of the building but it was barely fit for purpose. In the 1940s a generous donation by an anonymous donor meant Legacy could purchase a building at 342 Swanston St, but due to several factors were never able to inhabit it. Finally it was sold in 1954 and Junior Legacy Melbourne purchased 289-299 Swanston Street Melbourne (previously called Red Cross House) in 1956 from the Commonwealth Government. As part of the conditions of the donation it was named in memory of David H Dureau. Renovations were needed to the 289-299 Swanston St building so this slide shows that Legacy were still in the Market St building in 1957 while they occurred.


A record of the Market Street building that Legacy occupied for many years until 1956-7.

Physical description

Colour slide of Legacy House in Market Street from 1957.

Inscriptions & markings

Slides has 'Que for Operation Float looking up Market St'. It is numbered '14' by the manufacturer.