Historical information

Images of a Legatees marching to the grave of Legacy founder, Sir Stanley Savige in Kew Cemetery (now Boroondara General Cemetery). Legatee Savige died in 1954, a few months after his wife, and they are buried together. The slides show a group of legatees marching to the grave and placing two wreaths on it after a service.
Was with 500 other slides which have been digitised as best as possible. The original images were not well focussed and the film had deteriorated and colour turned very pink. Some colour adjustments have been made.


A record of Legatees commemorating the life of Stan Savige.

Physical description

Colour slides x 10 of a visit to the Kew cemetery by Legatees, images have turned very pink.

Inscriptions & markings

One slide is marked 'Pilgrimage S. Savige grave' in pencil on reverse.