Historical information

On Saturday 29 August 1908, over 100 years ago, 16 American battleships along with 5 various escorts entered Port Phillips Bay. Thousands flocked with excitement along the coast and to Port Melbourne to see the white painted ships and their sailors disembarked. The Fleet’s Mission, ordered by President Theodore Roosevelt, was to make friendly courtesy visits to countries while obviously displaying new U.S. naval power. Invited by Alfred Deakin to the young federation, who was feeling isolated and vulnerable after the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, the visit was a first step in the shaping of the relationship between the US and Australia. And also an impetus to create the Australian Navy in 1911.

Physical description

A photograph of an original photograph depicting the Queenscliff fishing fleet out welcoming the incoming American fleet on Saturday 29 August 1908.

Inscriptions & markings

Queenscliff fishing boats welcoming the American Fleet

Mounting & framing

Original photograph was mounted and unframed.