Historical information

To honour the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Association for the Blind (then Association for the Advancement of the Blind), sister organisation Seimei Association for the Aged Blind sent this plaque.

Physical description

1 digital image of metal letter to AFB from Seimei Association for the Welfare of the Aged Blind

Inscriptions & markings

Mr John Moule
Association for the Blind

In celebration of the Centenary of The Association for the Blind.

A Seed of Love planted one century ago has grown to the commendable and universal Association for which I pay my hearty respect.

I feel honored of our Sisterhood Agreement which marks the 10th Anniversary this year and wish this agreement of our mutual reliance will enrich advanced care and services for the blind and also to develop mutual friendships between two countries.

8th December 1995

Akio Honma
President Director
The Seimei Association for
The Welfare of the Aged Blind, Tokyo
(Japanese characters)