Historical information

In June 1903 some of the Friendly Societies in Bacchus Marsh formed an association to play Rope Quoits tournaments. The first tournament concluded after a series of matches in September 1903. The winners of the tournament were presented with a trophy in the form of an illuminated photographic portrait of the winning players. Reports of a Rope Quoits Association being formed for Friendly Societies members appeared in the Bacchus Marsh Express from 13 June 1903. Reports of the weekly tournaments subsequently appeared in the Express through June to September 1903. A detailed account of the final tournament and the illuminated photographic portrait presented to the winning players appeared in the Bacchus Marsh Express on 26 September, 1903, page 3, column 1.


This illuminated photographic portrait is significant because it depicts evidence of recreational activities and social groups which were active in the 1900s.

Physical description

Framed photographic portraits of Bacchus Marsh Friendly Society members

Inscriptions & markings

Concord Tent No. 140 Friendly Societies Rope Quoit Tournament