Historical information

Newspaper photograph - from the Melbourne Herald Sun Pictorial newspaper - 8/ 9/1928 about the derailment after running through the catch points of a maximum traction tramcar at the Riversdale Road level crossing the previous day 7/9/1928. The front bogie or truck has been torn from underneath the tramcar.

A check with The Sun microfilm at the State Library shows the paper was published on 8/9/1928. Refer Item 1781.

Note that the catch point on the down track has opened which caused the tram heading east to derail. Catch points were installed at tram tracks at rail crossings to deliberately derail a runaway tram when a train is approaching or is on the crossing. Occasionally the catch point does not close after the train has passed.


Yields information about the amount of damage to the tram following a derailment to a maximum traction tram at Riversdale Road in 1928.

Physical description

Newspaper clipping from The Melbourne Herald Sun 8-9-1928 or another newspaper