Historical information

Schomberg was a large clipper ship built for James Baines' famous Black Ball Line. Schomberg has historical significance as one of the luxurious

ships built to bring emigrants to Australia, cashing in on the gold rush era. The clipper is one of only three clipper wrecks in Victorian waters

that operated the England to Australia run. While the other two, Empress of the Sea and Lightening, were built by the famous American

shipbuilder, Donald MacKay, Schomberg was built in Aberdeen.


The Schomberg story was almost the nineteenth century's Titanic; built at great expense, labelled the most perfect clipper ship ever built and designed to be the most comfortable vessel to sail to Melbourne?and sinking on its maiden voyage in 1855.

Physical description

10 horse harness buckles in various condition and completeness. Some encrusted and corroded.