Historical information

Photograph of Ron Barassi at Legacy House with Legatees. It appears to be before a comradeship luncheon.
Was with other photos of the event that show Ron Barassi with Legatee David Ford so it might have been 2003 when David Ford was president or 2004 as it was stored with other photos labelled as being 2004.
Ron Barassi was a Legacy boy after his father, Ronald Barassi Snr died at Tobruk in 1941. He helped promote Legacy many times through the years.


A record of a celebrity having a close relationship with Legacy.

Physical description

Colour photo x 3 of Ron Barassi and legatees in the lounge at Legacy House for a function

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten note with a group of photos in the plastic sleeve, 'Ron Barassi 2004 awaiting new photo folder'.