Historical information

At the outbreak of World War II, the RAN Reserve Forces comprised: RANR (S), 86 officers; RANR, 222 officers, 3869 ratings; RANVR, 223 officers. In order to balance the numbers in the permanent service at post-war complements, Reserve training was suspended during the War; all new entry personnel were entered through the RANR and they signed an agreement for the duration of hostilities instead of the customary 12 years engagement. Officers and potential officers, meanwhile, were entered as members of the RANR (S) or the RANVR.


The Royal Australian Naval Reserves (RANR) can trace its origins back to at least 1863 and the formation of the New South Wales Naval Brigade.

Physical description

Booklet detailing a brief history and operation of the RAN Reserve.

Inscriptions & markings

Royal Australian Naval Reserve; Non Sibi Set Patriae