Historical information

The TSMV Manunda was requisitioned in September 1939 and she was converted into a fulltime hospital ship. HMAS Manunda was officially commissioned on May 25 1940 after which she operated four voyages to the Middle East to bring back wounded troops to Australia. On February 19, 1942 during a Japanese bombing raid whilst the ship was at anchor in Darwin harbour, a bomb hit right through the music room skylight, which exploded down on C deck tragically killing 12 and injuring 157 others. The next day she sailed for Fremantle with 266 patients. Whilst in Fremantle she was repaired and made ready for her next chapter in the war effort.


This sea bag belonged to an unknown sailor who served on the hospital ship HMAS Manunda during WWII

Physical description

A sailor's canvas sea or kit bag used on the TSMN Manunda in WWII

Inscriptions & markings